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One week project: ATM Finder

20 September, 2012

Buscador de Cajeros - ATM Finder - Vulsai

We’re glad to introduce “ATM Finder”, a one week project we came up with here at Vulsai.

Now, we found out this happens a LOT: you’re on the street, and need to get some cash, but you have no idea where the closest ATM is.
So, we came up with the idea of a simple webapp where you can go to, and automatically get the closest ATM address.

We designed and developed it to require the least user interaction possible, in order to get the closest ATM location in the most easy and fast way.


So, you visit the website. It automatically asks your permission to retrieve your current location, or gives you the chance to enter it yourself. Once that’s done, it automatically shows you on a map the closest ATM and its information.

In case you want to go to another bank or ATM network, you can easily filter by these criteria, as the webapp gets the 20 closest ATMs to you.

We created this webapp so you can use it on your desktop browser, and if you are on a hurry on the street (which is probably most of the time), it works seamlessly on your smartphone browser too.

Since this is a one week project it’s on a very, very Beta phase. There are some bugs to fix, but we wanted to get it out as soon as possible and then work with users feedback.

At the moment we’re using a mix of ATMs databases that cover Capital Federal, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. If some are missing, you can suggest them to us so we can add them later.

As the feedback kicks in, and we enhance the app, we’ll add more cities and countries to our database. We’re focusing on make it better, using a very specific area initially.

For our dev friends, a little bit of behind the curtain: we’re using HTML5 and CSS3 in the front end, and a CartoDB database to store the ATMs data. We developed the backend using FuelPHP instead of our usual choice, CodeIgniter. It looks good.

We’d love to hear what you think about it, and we’re looking forward to your feedback to make this very useful webapp even better.