At Vulsai we turn ideas into groundbreaking stuff.

We help you meet your desired goals by empowering thinking.

What is Vulsai?

Vulsai is a digital creative studio founded by Ignacio Ricci, Juan Rossi and Pablo Sánchez. Through its unique approach, the company has built a reputation for being hard-working, highly professional and in a constant mission of making clients happy.

The Name

The word Vulsai is a spanish version of “Bulls-eye”. Related to the center of a target. That’s how we work, finding the perfect combination of creativity and careful planning.

Why us

We strongly believe that advertising and media industries require a new kind of creative company that understands what the future holds. We partner with clients and agencies from all around the world to deliver great interactive experiences.

Our culture

We’re digital natives. We were born connected, sharing experiences using breakthrough devices. We’re open and honest with each other as well as with our clients and partners. Transparency is one of our most appreciated values.

Our thinking

We love what we do and we think everyone should have fun at work. We believe we can make internet a more friendly place. That’s our main goal: make our clients and the people who work at Vulsai happy.

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